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supporting supporters.

Looking after people can be profoundly rewarding: it can also drain us and leave us feeling tired, frustrated, alone and fragile. It can be especially hard if we are supporting someone over a long period of time, with limited support ourselves. Eventually, if we’re not looking after ourselves when we’re looking after others, we’ll burn out. There’s no shame, no judgement, in needing to take a moment to look after yourself. 


Teachers, nurses, first responders (ambulance, police, fire services), vets, doctors, dentists, allied health professionals, hospitality and retail workers, and anyone who deals with people in their work may be in need of counselling support so they have a space to unload and reflect on their emotionally taxing job. 


In our personal lives we may be someone’s carer. We may be overwhelmed by the demands of our children, or by providing a safe harbour for friends who are going through a tough time. We want to be there but we can feel like we’re running out of energy to give. 


Taking some space to be held yourself while you are holding others helps you to continue sharing your love and support with those who need it.

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