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grief and loss.

Grief and loss counselling can help you live well after losing someone or something you loved. It’s a gentle space, held without judgement, for you to share what needs to be shared.


There are many different ways that we can experience grief and loss. Sometimes our grief is anticipatory grief: we’ve been grieving the person or thing that we loved over months or years, and death or loss is one more step in a journey we’ve been on for some time. Other times, grief is traumatic and shocking: one moment life’s fine and then the next our sense of the world being a stable place is torn from us. What all types of grief and loss have in common is pain that runs very deep, to the core of who we are. 


Grief and loss counselling is often about death, but not always: infertility, endings of relationships, retirement, family transitions (e.g. children growing up and leaving home, having a baby), or any big change in life can bring with it feelings of grief and loss. The death or illness of a beloved non-human family member (pet) can also be something that causes profound grief. These feelings are all valid and need to be explored.    


As much as we might wish to, we can’t take away the pain of loss. What we can do is hold space to explore how life looks now.  

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