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general counselling.

Counselling is a safe, non-judgmental space where we can talk through whatever’s on your mind. The difference between talking something through with a counsellor instead of a friend or family member is that counselling is just for you: you don’t have to ask the counselor how they’re going, or what is happening in their life. Our time together is all about you. 


Sometimes in counselling sessions we’ll work through different ways of approaching a problem, exploring pros and cons. Counselling can help us when we’re facing transitions in life, and we need someone to listen to the often confusing feelings that big change can bring. We can also use counselling sessions for debriefing - after a difficult conversation, hard time, or to make sense of something that’s difficult to accept. Other times, counselling sessions are a bucket to hold some word vomit - just letting it out can make us feel a whole lot better. 


We’ll work together to help you grow where you’re planted, through whatever it is that’s happening in your life.

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